(Frequently Asked Questions)

baboo is an AI-Powered platform that connects you directly to local travel operators, in order to effectively create and book tailor-made trips in 3 simple steps:

  1. Tell us about your travel wishes.
  2. Chat & customize directly with your guru free of charge.
  3. Book safely in just a couple of clicks.

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baboo use is free of charge! Once you decide to book a trip we will add a small transaction fee to your final reservation. This fee helps us to cover the costs of maintaining a secure platform and to provide you with amazing customer service throughout your trip.

When booking a trip with passionate travel gurus, you benefit from the expertise & local knowledge of people that know their destination better than anyone. They can help you find the best hotels based on your needs, the types of experiences you are looking for, and recommend you some others you didn’t even know about, and make a trip that fits your exact needs. The gurus have all the contracts with accommodation suppliers, local tour operators, transportation suppliers and they contract and train their own guides. They are ready to help you make the most out of your trip, and make sure the trip is 100% you!

Since we are working directly with local operators and guides in planning your highly customized trip, cutting so one or more middle-men in the process, we can ensure to be offering highly competitive rates.


If you ever find cheaper rates, please let us know and we will do our best to match them.

A travel guru is someone who is connected with his or her destination. Their goal is to inspire, to be able to show journey seekers the best places, culture, nature, etc. They want to be the change in the travel industry and make sure that the effect of travel is more positive for local communities, to be the support for them.


They will help you creating an amazing trip taking into consideration all of your travel preferences and needs, whilst combining their understanding of local attractions, climate, festivals, seasons and more.

Our job is to search the planet for the best local travel gurus and make them available to you via our platform. Our partners are fully-certified professional companies who know are passionate about their destination and know it better than anyone. baboo.travel provides you with the guarantees you need to ensure your trip runs super smooth, and the gurus ensure that you get the local expertise you need to create a trip that is uniquely you. With a 98% satisfaction rate, you know that you can trust them.

Besides, to ensure that you know who you are working with, you will have access to each guru’s rating and reviews!

baboo was founded by a small group of travel and technology enthusiasts that felt the need to provide a better travel platform that would allow each traveller to receive the “travel agency” support and the service providers rates. With years of experience being travel agents, guides or tour operators, we knew that a lot of each trip’s money was lost in the middle-man-interaction and that often agents didn’t really know the traveller’s destination well enough to provide the personal experience we aim to bring. With travelling being brought to a halt worldwide from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we took advantage of this time to make our dream reality.

We are now a small international team of dedicated travel and customer service experts, working 100% remotely from North America, Europe and Asia.

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We are, yet we are not. One of the biggest aims of baboo.travel is to provide the personal touch that the most successful travel agencies are known to give, but we bring more to the table by offering a fast communication tool to easily interact with the local Travel Gurus from the commodity of home, and a complex and ever-learning AI algorithm that will match your request to the perfect guru based on location, specializations, and rating.

baboo is a travel platform where the local specialists have the necessary tools to invest most of their time into quickly tailor-making the best experiences, and ensure fast communication and ongoing support.

Our society and environment are calling out for a big change. Rather than waiting in a loop for governments to do something about it, we can be that change! This is why baboo.travel is working towards being certified as a B-Corp, meaning that we are now assessing our impacts on & contributions to the environment, our staff, our customers and the local communities we partner with, to ensure that we are doing no harm and benefiting all!

COVID-19 has affected the travel industry greatly! The health and safety of our travellers is our main priority! We are following official reports and recommendations and are acting upon them. We have been working intensively with our travel gurus around the globe to provide the best support for all affected travellers. Go ahead and plan your trip for the future, you have our guarantee that if you can’t go, that you will get your money back.