Fill the company profile and invite your gurus

The company profile


Your company profile contains all the legal details of your business, it is a pretty straightforward process, you just need  to keep in mind a few points:


  1. confirm your company legal name if you are not acting under the same.
  2. use your company legal address.
  3. the company logo minimum size specification is 512*512 px.
  4. use the full URL of your social media profiles in your company links.
  5. remember to press save after updating the data.


Invite the Travel Gurus

You can add one or more of your sales specialists to your company profile to become the travel guru that will help travelers design their dream trip. 

There are several reasons why you should choose to invite several gurus:

  1. To improve the sales process when you have gurus in different locations, to be able to support clients worldwide without the long waiting times caused by the time difference.
  2. When you have sales agents specialized in parts of your whole business, also improving the possibility to be matched with the right trip request.
  3. To be able to support a large number of travel requests.

It is essential to keep in mind that each travel guru profile should reflect the designer’s specialization inside your company.

To invite your gurus follow the below steps:

  1. Enter and login into your baboo dashboard
  2. Go to your Company Settings and on the left-hand side click on My Team


  3. Click on the Invite New Teammate button at the end of the page and type name, last name, and email address**.
  4. Click on Invite to send the invitation link and credential for your new travel guru to join the platform as one of your company’s travel gurus.


**Note that all new profiles require a unique email address; you won’t be able to register an email address already used in our database by another user or in another company.