Fill the travel guru profile

Every travel guru you invite to be part of your team will receive an email notification with login credentials that will allow them to fill in some basic data about their expertise and location.


This is the profile that is going to be visible to the travelers from the very beginning of their booking experience. Through this profile, as a guru, you need to introduce yourself and share your specializations, helping the travelers decide whether to book with you or not.


Upload a personal photo

The personal photo should be of good quality and clearly show your face. In order to create a sense of connection with the client, make sure to use a picture that reflects your personality, specializations, and location.


Please crop your photo to be rectangular (minimum 360 x 540 px).


Define your timezone and nationality

The timezone will 


Write a short Travel Bio

Why do you love to travel? What do you want to share with the world? This space will help you build trust with the travelers as you share your short personal story. Make sure to use the first person when you write it!


250 maximum characters permitted.

Update your password

Here you can choose to change the password you received in your on-boarding email to something easier to remember.