Credit Card Disputes - Preventing and Resolving

When a traveler disputes with their credit card company, it risks losing the total amount paid by the local specialist and Baboo. Disputes most often arise when a traveler feels unfairly charged, whether for services provided or for services that cannot be delivered. Conflicts can often be avoided through thorough and transparent communication with our travelers. The article below shows how to avoid disputes, and which steps you can take if one of your clients decides to file one.

There is a dispute of payment, what does it practicly mean?

If a traveler files a dispute with his bank on account of an invalid payment, the full amount paid for the journey will automatically be removed from Baboo Bank Account and held in a digital wallet until the conflict is settled.


Please note that for the bank to resolve a dispute takes approximately 60 to 80 days, and during this period the funds will be handed back to the traveler. Only once the dispute has been settled we be able to access the money. 


Because of this, if any of your clients file a dispute, you will be required to return the full amount previously paid for the trip, for as long as the dispute is pending.


See this University article for more information on payment of a Baboo invoice.

How can I prevent a traveler payment dispute?

Tell the clients that we are on their side

It’s hard to decide to cancel your holiday. It is, therefore, necessary to put yourself in the travelers’ shoes and comfort them ensuring that you will do your utmost to help them make the most of the complicated circumstances.


Use these little tips to be able to show the travelers that you’ve gone above and beyond to support them:


– It is vital to steer clear of statements like “this is our T&C” or “this is the only amount of money you are eligible for.”

– Let the travelers know how they will be affected by your policies, and if it’s feasible, try to provide support outside of usual obligations.

– Do not shy away from including additional and improved options (such as postponement or refund beyond the already specified terms.

– Let them know that we will endeavor to return all their money before postponing or cancelling, but that the recoverable amounts are generally higher for postponements.

Give constant updates even if you don't have anything new to report

The best way to relieve traveler anxiety is to be proactive and keep communication active. Your approach indicates that you’ve got the traveler’s priorities in mind and that you are helping them in their time of need. Let them know that you are sorry for the delay and thank them for their patience with a short and straightforward message.

Return money recovered from suppliers to Baboo to quicken travelers refunds

When committed to refund a traveler, we will be sending you an invoice for the full refund amount. There will be no refund issued to the customer until the invoice has been paid and Baboo has obtained an official receipt as evidence of transfer. It’s critical that all of Baboo’s balances are settled quickly so no one has to wait for payment. A dissatisfied customer is more likely to file a dispute the longer he or she has to wait for a refund.

Seek the Baboo Team to help you tackle the situation

Please notify Baboo if one of your passengers has an issue with the refund. In addition, we will always be happy to offer suggestions on how we and other experts have avoided similar problems in the past.

What if a traveler has filed a payment dispute?

Make a payment toward your negative Baboo balance

If one of your travelers files a dispute, the Baboo Team will notify you via your support messenger.


We’ll also send you an invoice for any money you’ve already paid for the trip, as previously stated. If we win the dispute, the funds will be returned to you at the conclusion of the dispute process.


Bear in mind that, in addition to deducting the full cost of the trip from our account when a dispute is filed, Baboo will also charge any fees incurred that have to be paid immediately. As a result, we ask you to pay the negative invoice as soon as possible.

Refer to the traveler and have them reconsider their complaint

Having no win is the preferable outcome Many customers have incomplete knowledge of the procedure of filing a claim. We’ve been able to convince some people to withdraw the claim simply after explaining in detail what the dispute means for both you, Baboo, and the local operators.


If you believe the traveler might be ready to drop the dispute, start discussions as soon as possible and make a request for them to withdraw it. To do that you can explain:


– that their funds are with the individual suppliers such as hotels and activities, and that you are trying your hardest to get it back.

– that we are willing to help them recover as much as we can, but if it gets into a dispute, it is decided by the bank, and they may lose all their money. 

– that it is easier to keep more money to use by opting for a postponement offer.

Forward the evidence for your case

If the passenger refuses to resolve this issue, it, we must submit evidence to the bank. This evidence must show that the traveler bought the trip, then canceled, proving we honored our agreement at the time of purchase. Further, we must demonstrate that we went above and beyond by offering them multiple alternatives and made every effort to collect everything for them under the circumstances.


We shall require the following information to be provided as evidence:


– The cancelation policy in force at the time of the booking and proof of how long it was canceled before the tour started..

– Any cancelation policy discussions during the preparation and reservation process.

– Proof that alternatives such as postponement, reducing the trip’s duration, canceling the trip, or relocating to another destination were offered.

– Any talk you had with the traveler before or after cancellation, showing that you tried to recover the most out of your suppliers on their behalf.

– Your efforts to collect money from suppliers and their refusal to give it back to you.


in any one of these cases, screenshots or photos of the Baboo Messenger or e-mails from suppliers will be accepted as supporting documentation.


As long as the evidence is provided or the conflict is terminated, the Baboo team will keep you informed as to the dispute’s progress with the bank.