How fees and pricing work

Transaction Fee & Carbon Positive Contribution


The Transaction Fee we charge covers all the costs of the platform and a Carbon Positive Fee that helps us clean the planet.


Depending on the transaction amount you will get charged different fees.

15% Fee:  Sales of $1 USD – $8000 USD 
13% Fee:  Sales of $8001 USD – and above


The baboo transaction fee will include a donation to make the trips Carbon Positive so we are all helping and giving back to our planet through various different projects supported by  Our aim is to become a B-Corporation and make sure to use business as a force of good to our world.  The carbon offset is calculated by an algorithm designed that measures the carbon footprint of the trips & number of passengers, and we will overcompensate the footprint to become Carbon Positive.

To learn more about who we support with the fees click here:  (PAGE where we show the projects that we have chosen)


Discussing prices outside the Trip Planner


If you feel the necessity to discuss pricing in the chat, please keep in mind the above fees to avoid unpleasant confusion at the time of paying and make sure to manually add them to your NET rate.