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"I am from Germany, but I have lived in Mexico since 2014 and immediately fell in love with the country. Working in the tourism industry in Mexico allows me to spread this love to other travelers." —Isabelle

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11 days Culture & Jungle in Chiapas

from $3,559.00 USD / person


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10 days Flavours and aromas through the heart of México

from $2,488.00 USD / person


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10 days Oaxacan Coast Adventure

from $2,457.00 USD / person

Meet Isabelle

Why should travelers choose you above other local in-destination experts?

My empathy allows me to understand the needs of every single traveler and create tailor-made trips with unforgettable experiences.

What type of traveler appreciates your adventures?

Conscious travelers who want to immerse themselves in another culture, are curious to experience Mexico off the beaten path and prefer authentic community projects and sustainable approaches over mass tourism.

What is one of your favorite experiences which you’ve been able to build for guests?

The traditional cooking class in a Mayan community called "Nuevo Durango" where the travelers will be able to gather fresh ingredients from the garden and cook together an authentic and delicious dish with members of the community.

Share the one travel experience that you will never forget

My second día de muertos in Mexico in 2015 :) We went to a small village close to Cuernavaca and it was really impressive for me to see how different people handle death and celebrate their deceased loved ones here in Mexico.


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