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"Since 2014, I have been connecting travelers with local communities. My passion to help other communities thrive, to preserve the indigenous cultures of Mexico as well as its natural habitats, and help travelers discover this treasure." —Karen

Meet Karen

Why should travelers choose you above other local in-destination experts?

We work with more than 90 rural and indigenous communities around Mexico, Perú and Costa Rica to provide you, as a travel, a local experience where you connect, learn and discover unique and authentic culutres, people and places.

What type of traveler appreciates your adventures?

My adventures are for those who seek to connect with people, cultures, and places. For those that more than getting to know a typical touristic place, are searching to get a local perspective, to discover, experience, learn and connect with new ideas

What is one of your favorite experiences which you’ve been able to build for guests?

I lived in Puerto Escondido during 3 months and there is where I got to experience and get to know the authentic, local and amazing cultures of Oaxaca. From that experience, I decided to build experiences that allow you to connect with people&places

Share the one travel experience that you will never forget

Getting to know the chewing gum process in Sian Kaan, Mexico. This experience reminded me the importance indigenous people have for biodiversity conservation. Here I learned about the tree where chewing gum comes from and process to create it.


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Elias Steiner · 1 month ago.

star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled

"Traveling with Trueke is not simply going to meet and sightsee a place, feeling Trueke is feeling the essence of the place and getting out of your habits. With Trueke yo...

Michelle Steiner · 5 months ago.

star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled

Great experience getting to know MEXICO with Trueke!!! They make you feel the heart of the communities and be part of them while helping them. Incredible experiences also...

Victoria Babani · 5 months ago.

star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled

I have traveled with Trueke on several occasions. To Oaxaca and Veracruz as a family and it was a wonderful experience. Excellent activities to learn about the artisans ...

Andrea Jimenez · 10 months ago.

star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled star_filled

I have traveled 3 times with Trueke and would do it again. The service is very good and the experiences much more. They have been incredible trips with my family where w...

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