7 Day itinerary in Saudi Arabia, Middle East

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Enjoy this lovely nation to the utmost on this 7-day tour! Participate in city tours, see a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and be surrounded by stunning scenery!

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By Leslie, Sandra, Eli and Isaac


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Day 1

place Arrival day

Your tour guide/driver will be there to greet you. Your tour leader will devote 100% of his or her attention to you from the minute your tour begins. You will be driven to your accommodation in an air-conditioned vehicle. In Jeddah, spend the night.


  • Luxury Accommodation: 5* Hotel
Day 2

place Jeddah History Tour

Begin your tour by seeing Jeddah's ancient downtown district (Al-Balad), also known as "Old Town," where many of the city's earliest families used to reside and work. It has old buildings, a typical souk, and numerous eateries where visitors may meander around the old streets and take in the old town's traditional setting. When you visit historical Jeddah, we will transport you to a bygone era in Saudi Arabia, when all of your senses will be stimulated. You'll hear and learn incredible stories about Jeddah, as well as ride and walk through secret doors, and have a beautiful walking Al-Balad experience. This Old Town history tour will take you to all of the lesser-known must-see local spots: Beit Nassif, Makkah gate for a photo stop, Historical Jeddah north gate stop for a photo, and other historical houses provide a rare opportunity for you to experience the blend of traditional architecture with modernity Old Market hidden gems, Old Jeddah hidden galleries, and Local Jeddah food shops only for locals know about it. Then you'll go to the Al Tayebat International City Museum, which is a maze of chambers dedicated to Saudi history, architecture, interior design, and Islamic art from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries. The museum itself is a fantastic backdrop for photographs. After that, take a ride along the New Jeddah Corniche, a 30-kilometer-long seaside vacation area in Jeddah. The corniche, which runs along the Red Sea, includes a coastal road, entertainment grounds, pavilions, and large-scale civic sculptures for everybody to enjoy and photograph. The Floating Mosque, a single domed architectural marvel that rests literally on the sea, symbolizes Jeddah's dramatic storm into the modern age, is the tour's final stop. The mosque's courtyard, which is on an excellent location with unobstructed views of the Red Sea, is a popular tourist destination.

Meals: Breakfast


  • Luxury Accommodation: 5* Hotel
Day 3

place Taif City Tour

You will be picked up from your hotel and driven to Taif (171 Km). Shubra Palace is the first stop on the itinerary. With latticework windows and balconies, as well as inside Carrara marble, the palace is the most magnificent relic of old Taif. King Abdul Aziz used to stay here, and King Faisal eventually made the castle his home. In 1905 AD, Ali bin Abdullah bin Aoun Pasha authorized the creation of the Shubra Palace, which is located on the northern side of Taif city center and overlooks Shubra Street, one of the city's most important crucial streets. After that, you'll be taken to Al Rudaf Park. It's a wonderful location to unwind and take in nature's splendor! There are musical fountains, grasslands, miniature rock mountains, and numerous children's playgrounds. It's a lovely park and location, but it's only for families. After that, go to Taif's old Souq. Souq Okaz, the Islamic world's largest and best-known open-air market, currently attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Poetry recital competitions and arts and crafts shows are still held in the Souq today. In addition, you might like to visit Taif to see the historic footprints of the market and the beautiful orchids. Then go to Al Shafa and Al Hada mountains, which are considered some of the region's most beautiful and essential mountain roads. It connects Taif with the rest of the country to the west and north. It develops captivating and appealing perspectives. You'll walk up Shafa Mountain and ascend it. Although it is a challenging walk/climb, the vistas are spectacular and well worth the effort. The gently chilly air becomes more noticeable as you ascend higher into the mountains. A cable car ride up to the Al-Hada Mountain, which costs extra, begins in Al-Kurr Village and brings visitors all the way to the mountaintop, where there is an elegant restaurant and hotel.

Meals: Breakfast


  • Luxury Accommodation: 5* Hotel
Day 4

place Drive to Al Bahah

We will pick you up from your accommodation and transport you to Al Bahah (220Km). Al Baha is a city in Saudi Arabia's Hejaz region in the west. It is the capital of the Al Bahah Region and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Kingdom. It is bordered by more than forty woodlands and has a lovely climate. Begin your journey at Dhee Ayn's Marble Village. It's an incredible location that evokes the quality of ancient civilization. The construction quality is outstanding. The village was called after a stream of water that flows continuously from the adjacent mountains. Dhee Ain is known for its fruit and banana plantations, both of which are still there. The town has a 400-year history and has seen fights between Ottoman Turks and its locals. It's nearly unheard of in the world to be able to explore and experience this piece of local history. After that, proceed to Raghadan Forest Park. It is a natural wild woodland that was created by the Albaha area municipality. You would be able to enter the woodland region on foot. The park is well-designed, with parking spaces conveniently located near each play area. There is plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy. Finally, travel to Al- Surat's mountains to see Al Mud Village. Drive to the next Khairah Forest Park visit.

Meals: Breakfast


  • Luxury Accommodation: 5* Hotel
Day 5

place Abha City Tour

Drive to Abha, arrive, and be transferred to begin your tour of Saudi Arabia's highest point, Jabal Sawda. The foggy mountains and valleys will also soothe and relax you. Wonderful mental de-stressing. It can get quite cold, so bring plenty of clothes and blankets. A cable car is available for an additional fee. A lovely journey in a rainy environment will be more fascinating than a trip when the rain pours from the mountains. It was such a lovely experience to ride the cable car and see Abha from above. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get down the hill and a similar amount of time to get back to the top. Each car can comfortably seat up to eight adults. Then you'll go to El Sahab Park, which is located on top of a mountain. It has a lovely outlook, and the clouds pass through frequently. 'Cloud' is the direct translation of 'Sahab.' And that is exactly what this location is. You will have the opportunity to walk through Cornish clouds. On this hill, there are two vantage locations. They are in close proximity to one another. There are a lot of monkeys there, so bring some food for them because they expect you to feed them as soon as you arrive. Then we go to Shada Castle, which has mud walls and is now a handicrafts museum. We'll drive to the Al-Muftaha neighborhood, where there was a market where we could shop for various crafts. We'll then transport you to a peak that will take your breath away! It's Jabal Al Akhdar, or "The Green Mountain" in Arabic. The entire mountain was illuminated with green lights, which turned the clouds above it green as well. It was quite a sight to see. This location will undoubtedly relieve your stress and provide you with the ideal environment in which to sit and enjoy the beauty of its surrounds.

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  • Luxury Accommodation: 5* Hotel
Day 6

place Trip to Rijal Almaa

We'll drive you to Rijal Almaa village, which is known for its traditional Arabian architecture, which can be found all over the country, with each location having its own distinct style. However, when it comes to Saudi traditional architecture, the lovely and colorful houses of Rijal Alma' spring to mind first. It is 130 kilometers by safe route from Abha or 65 kilometers by risky road, thus we will transport you by the safe road. You'll go to the museum in the village. There is a large museum inside the village with many historic objects and descriptions in both English and Arabic. It was founded in 1985 as a result of local residents' attempts to preserve their regional legacy, and one of the forts has served as the museum's headquarters since since. The settlement is made up of roughly 60 palaces made of natural stone, clay, and wood, each with multiple floors. There are numerous photo opportunities. Historically, the town served as a natural link between Yemen, Makkah, Madinah, and the Levant. As a result, it served as a regional commerce hub. The town is historically significant due to the presence of several long and old strongholds. The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities recently completed a repair project in conjunction with the private sector. Furthermore, in 1985, locals constructed a museum in one of the village's forts. Transfer to the airport in Abha to catch your flight to Jeddah. Upon arrival, check in and be driven to your hotel.

Meals: Breakfast


  • Luxury Accommodation: 5* Hotel
Day 7

place Departure

Our Tour Leader/Driver will transport you to the airport and assist you with the last departure procedures.

Meals: Breakfast

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